Get Your Answers Regarding Hong Kong Company Setup   

According to the Companies Ordinance of Hong Kong, any individual whether foreign or local who is more than 18 years can proceed with the formation of company in hong kong.

Although one of the most common kinds of business entities in Hong Kong which is mostly registered is a private LLP or LLC which is a limited liability partnership or limited liability company. The GET STARTED HK is quite convenient for businessmen.

Limited liability companies constitute a separate legal entity and its liability is limited for the owners of the company. It is more accessible because of its stronger public perception as well as structure which is quite enduring. It is easy to raise capital and transfer ownership in a limited liability company in comparison to partnership and sole proprietorship.

How can a company be registered in Hong Kong?

The professionals of foreign business prefer a limited liability company as an offshore company in Hong Kong. It does not matter if you are a foreign entrepreneur or a local entrepreneur it is recommended for everyone to engage the different services of their firms with well-versed companies to avoid any misconduct. You should go for the local legislation governing companies that are quite proficient in handling different regulations and different requirements regarding the compliance of the formation of the company in Hong Kong. Here are some of the steps you can follow:-

  • Name of the Company
  • Companies Ordinance
  • Number of Directors
  • Shareholders
  • Share capital
  • Secretary of the company
  • Public Information
  • Annual General meeting

Foreigners can also be the directors as well as the shareholders of a company in Hong Kong. No requirement regarding the resident is needed. You are not required to be present physically at the time of registration of the company. It is mandatory when you want to open your bank account depending on the type of bank you prefer.

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