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The auspiciousness and elegance of roses are beyond any introductions. You shall find roses to be quite beautiful and suitable for different occasions. However, knowing the significance of roses before gifting them is important. Roses can be differentiated in terms of the colors. There are different varieties of roses in terms of colors. There are red roses, yellow roses and even black roses. So, which is the most ideal type for the flower bouquet roses? A guide has been provided in the following section.

Symbol of Romance

bouquet of flowers

When it comes to showing love to someone, roses can be chosen as auspicious gifts. They look quite classy as well as sophisticated. Yellow roses can be used for starting a relationship with friendship. As the relationship gets special, you can choose white or pink roses for the person. When you propose the person, make sure you have red roses in hand. Red roses symbolize love as well as passion.


For sending condolences, white flowers have been used traditionally. It is not a gift, but a gesture to show that you are standing beside the person to show your support in such crunchy time for that person. White roses and other white flowers can be considered as suitable as condolence gifts.

Congratulate Someone on Success

Roses or flower bouquet tulips can be used to congratulate someone as a mark of success. Yellow roses or a bouquet of mixed roses can be chosen as the gifts for congratulating others. Sending roses along with chocolate will be perfect gifting idea.